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We know you have a choice of offices in the area that provide orthodontic services. We thank you for the opportunity to share and demonstrate what our practice can provide for you or your child.

Please be aware that braces are simply a tool. Results that are achieved depend entirely upon the skill level, the almost 25 years of clinical practice, continuing education, and application of orthodontic science and artistic skills, of Dr. Low. This is the single most important factor to consider in choosing an orthodontic practice.

Here are some facts about Dr. Charles Low

  • A dual-trained specialist in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. His pediatric dentistry training facilitates early orthodontic intervention with our younger patients using growth and development principles, and allows for close communication with their pediatric dentist.
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, a distinction earned by fewer than 25% of orthodontists who seek to pursue and maintain the highest level of proficiency and orthodontic excellence
  • Takes continuing education course in orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, occlusion, and multidisciplinary care involving various dental specialties
  • Involved in three local study clubs, two of which consist of general dentists and one periodontist, and he is the orthodontic specialist who provides expertise in the diagnosis and treatment planning of multidisciplinary treatment. He is also a member of an orthodontic study club that consists of orthodontists, some of whom are also USC School of Dentistry faculty, who present cases, diagnose, and treatment plan their most challenging orthodontic cases.
  • Dr. Low was involved in the clinical training of future orthodontists as a clinical assistant professor at the USC School of Dentistry, orthodontic residency program, between 2002 and 2009. He is currently on sabbatical.

Here are some features of our practice

  • About 50% of the patients referred to our office are from patients and parents who are either in treatment or have completed treatment with us. One of the highest compliments we can receive is when our patients refer their friends and relatives to us!
  • The other 50% of the patients referred to our office come from pediatric dentists, family dentists, general dentists, oral surgeons, and periodontists we have known and worked with for many years. We have treated many members of their families. They have seen the consistently great smiles of their patients after treatment, and have received positive feedback about our superior service.
  • Dr. Low diagnoses and treatment plans every case using digital radiographs, computerized analysis, digital photographs, and diagnostic models mounted on an instrument (articulator) that replicates the patient’s bite. These findings and proposed treatments are presented at the pre-treatment conference.
  • Dr. Low places all the braces himself. This is the single most important aspect of treatment, because the placement of braces is a technically detailed procedure. When it’s done properly, the teeth move efficiently and the final orthodontic results are achieved easier and faster. 
  • Dr. Low routinely corrects the alignment and positions of the second molars (12-year molars). This may help to illustrate why some treatment plans are projected to be longer because the movement, proper alignment, and position of these molars are technically more challenging. Studies show their proper positioning and alignment are vital for a proper bite. This is another significant aspect of treatment.
  • Dr. Low evaluates the third molars (wisdom teeth) at three points in time: beginning of treatment, mid treatment, and post treatment. Recommendations will be made depending on their positions.
  • Before treatment begins, Dr. Low writes a letter to the patient’s dentist to describe the orthodontic needs and the proposed treatment.
  • Dr. Low prescribes the angulations, the tip, and the torque in the braces, and determines any needed appliances for treatment.
  • All patients are treated with a new braces, bands, archwires, custom-made appliances, and retainers. All are prescribed by Dr. Low.
  • Dr. Low sees all patients during their appointments and makes the clinical decisions.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to make treatment as smooth and comfortable as possible while obtaining the best results possible. These include:

  • Space-age, mouth-temperature-activated, low-force wires that retain their original shape, which allows teeth to move faster and with more comfort.
  • Mini-braces and ceramic braces
  • Braces are bonded to the teeth with composites that contain cavity-fighting fluoride.
  • Cements are used to fasten the bands to the teeth contain cavity-fighting fluoride.
  • Whenever possible, brackets will be bonded to all the teeth, because this facilitates better access for oral hygiene.
  • Digital panoramic and cephalometric radiography and digital photos
  • Appointment confirmation by text and e-mail
  • Computerized check-in so Dr. Low and the staff know at all times the appointment status of the patient
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