Parts of Braces

BAND: These are metal rings that are precisely fitting around the molars with slots that the archwire slides into.

BRACKET: These are the “braces” that are bonded to the teeth and has a slot that the archwire attaches to in order to move the teeth. These can be silver or porcelain. Porcelain brackets are clear which blends in with the tooth color.

POWER CHAIN: These are made of
natural rubber latex and are continuous which helps to close space or to move individual teeth or groups of teeth.

ELASTICS: These are commonly called “rubber bands” which the patient places on the braces in specific directions in order to move teeth toward each other.

METAL TIES: These are smaller wires that secures the archwire to the bracket that do not need to be change at each appointment like the color ties. This
provides long-term securing of the
archwire to the bracket slot. The end is called a “pig tail” and looks like it.

ARCHWIRE: These wires act as a “track” to move the teeth. One on the top and one on the bottom arch. These can be
superelastic memory wires or medical grade stainless steel wires.

COLOR TIES: These are made of natural rubber latex and secure the archwire into the bracket slot. These come in many different colors.

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